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How Advertisers Get Away With Using
Fake Versions of Your Favorite Songs

Inside advertising’s best-kept musical secret: producers
willing to create soundalike tracks.


5 bands bringing London’s scene back to life

A bunch of guitar-wielding newcomers in the British capital are throwing out the rulebook, and harnessing noise like never before


20 years of nu-metal: the rise, fall and revival of rock’s most maligned offshoot

In the 90s, rock combined with rap and dubious hair to spawn a new sound. Korn, Kerrang! and the festivals and labels behind the genre ask how it happened and why it keeps rollin’


Vegan junk food: The places spearheading the plant-based revolution

From burgers and fried chicken, to a dairy-free carbonara and even the humble döner kebab, nothing’s off limits to those who choose to ditch the dairy.


What went down at Yannis from Foals’ Oxford Union talk

The Foals frontman returned to "old haunts" for the hometown Q&A


So you've never been to... The Windmill

Profile of the Brixton venue for Time Out London's print edition - click to enlarge.

Chester Bennington.jpg

Chester Bennington: five of his best Linkin Park performances

From the howls on debut single One Step Closer to the still incendiary vocals of his later years,
Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington was one of rock’s most emotionally dextrous frontmen


The KLF: the Pop Provocateurs’ Most Outrageous Moments

Now known as The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, the electronic band are back – here, we chart their most controversial stunts.

Kerrang albums


Sometimes a band’s ambitions don’t quite match up with their fans’ expectations. Kerrang! looks into some of the leaps of faith that almost ended in failure.


A foolproof guide to King Krule’s many side-projects

From beats to bedroom pop, Archy Marshall is a master of several genres.


So Many TV Dads Are Making Basic Music That We Ranked Them All

Who has the best discography: Nick Knowles, Jason Manford, or Alfie off 'Eastenders'?